Hanuman Janmotsav

Hanuman Janmotsav: Celebrating Lord Hanuman’s Divine Essence Across India

Hanuman Janmotsav, the celebration of Lord Hanuman’s birth, is a revered occasion observed with devotion and reverence across India. This auspicious day is marked by various customs and rituals that honor the unwavering devotion and strength of Lord Hanuman. As devotees come together to seek blessings and reflect on his divine attributes, they also pay homage to the numerous renowned Hanuman temples spread across the country.

Revered Hanuman Temples Across India

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, Gujarat: The Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, located in Sarangpur, Gujarat, is one of the most prominent Hanuman temples in India. Devotees flock to this temple to seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings for protection, strength, and relief from troubles.

Salasar Balaji Temple, Rajasthan: This temple in Salasar, Rajasthan, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is famous for its spiritual aura and miraculous experiences reported by devotees.

Shri Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place, Delhi: Situated in the heart of New Delhi, this temple is known for its iconic idol of Lord Hanuman and is a significant spiritual landmark in the capital city.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan: This temple, situated in Dausa, Rajasthan, is renowned for its belief in healing powers and exorcism rituals associated with Lord Hanuman.

Kashtbhanjan Hanuman Temple, Sarangpur, Gujarat: Apart from the Sarangpur temple, Gujarat houses another revered Hanuman temple dedicated to relieving devotees from their sufferings.

Namakkal Anjaneyar Temple, Tamil Nadu: This temple is known for its colossal 18-feet-tall idol of Lord Hanuman, which is a striking sight and a place of pilgrimage for devotees.

Celebrating Hanuman Janmotsav

On Hanuman Janmotsav, devotees throng these and numerous other Hanuman temples across India to participate in special prayers, offerings, and rituals. The atmosphere is charged with devotion as people chant hymns, sing bhajans, and seek blessings for strength, courage, and spiritual growth.

Universal Devotion

Lord Hanuman’s devotion, strength, and humility transcend religious boundaries, making him an adored deity among people of various faiths.


Hanuman Janmotsav is a celebration that not only honors Lord Hanuman’s birth but also emphasizes his enduring virtues. As devotees gather in temples across India, they pay homage to his unwavering devotion, strength, and selflessness. These temples, spread throughout the country, serve as focal points of spiritual energy, reminding us of the eternal message of Hanuman’s devotion and dedication.

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